Kehinde Wiley at the Seattle Art Museum

kehinde wiley a new republic seattle art museum

The Seattle Art Museum just closed its exhibition of a body of work by the painter Kehinde Wiley titled “A New Republic.” I was lucky to be able to attend the show with a group of my museum peers and it was such a wonderful experience. I will always love art; looking art, talking about art, and being around others experiencing art. The works presented in Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic raise questions about race, gender, and the politics of representation by portraying…

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Tumblrs You Should Be Following

tumblrs you should following

I have really been enjoying Tumblr lately and have been using it more as a creative board then my Pinterest as of late. Insperation on the internet is not hard to come by so sometimes it is hard to edit down and know what is really worth its salt to follow. When it comes to Tumblr this is especially true as they don’t have a the suggested options like Instagram and Pinterest. Drop Your Coffees and Follow These Tumblrs Contemporary…

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Art Teacher Chic

art teacher fashion

Art teacher fashion in its contemporary form is not the same as your pottery teacher from the fourth grade. No, we are not talking abut hemp based sweaters, chunky jewelry, and clogged shoes (though clogs are back in style and I own a pair in a sandal style). The modern vision of art teacher chic is all about texture, hemline, and natural hues. Cropped and Tailored Well tailored fits and pant hemlines that playfully drop at the waist and flirt at the…

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